About TFBN

The goal of the TFBN is to support the development of the French business community in the Greater Toronto Area.


To meet and support the Greater Toronto Area's growing need for a structured business community with strong ties to the French ecosystem.


TFBN represents solo entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as major business groups through the many individuals who participate in our network.

We are a close-knit community led by common values and interests, committed to contributing to sustainable business growth in Ontario. 

Our network focuses on supporting French business culture in Ontario and especially in the Greater Toronto Area, with long-term growth in mind. We do this through various opportunities, events, joint projects and more.



Thanks to its French origins, the TFBN is attached to the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. That said, we also value the quintessential "joie de vivre" that is central to French culture, as well as humour, happiness, tolerance and respect for others. 

Our core business values are:

Solidarity - helping those in need.

Mutual cooperation - working together for greater success. 

Integrity - acting for the benefit of the community.



The Toronto French Business network aims to be the preferred network for French businesses and their partners in Ontario, and elsewhere across Canada. 

Our goal is to foster the development of the French business community in Canada, by facilitating collaborations between English and French-speaking professionals, particularly those in the Greater Toronto Area.

Meet the Board

Eric In (President) - Partnerships

Maxime Alexandre (Vice-President) - Events planning

Ross Magnaldo (Treasurer)

André Leys (Secretary)

Marc Lijour - IT

Alban Bertorello - Events operations

Marie Metayer - Members Relationships